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anitwitter.moe - Portaldon(Mastodon Portal)




Anitwitter.moe is a meme focused on providing a community free of overbearing moderation, censorship, and other bullshit that the big social media platforms do. Still being tested, expect the site to go down on occasion.

If you have not received a confirmation email yet, check your spam folder, then join our discord server and ask in the #anitwitter_dot_moe channel for help with manual account confirmation. The big email providers have blocked us from sending out so many confirmation emails, and they are almost done reversing the blacklist.

Bored of this interface? Try out t.anitwitter.moe, it lets you use multiple accounts and has a more tweetdeck-like style. We are working on deploying a twitter webapp clone as well, stay tuned.

TERMS OF USE: This instance of mastodon is provided to you by the Track 44 team.

Everything posted is the responsibility and opinion of the person posting, and not our own. We are NOT responsible for anything other than the platform.

-Illegal content is forbidden.

Please don't hog good handles. If we find you are excessively hogging/nabbing/selling, we may take them and re-release them to open registration.

-Users are NOT required to mark posts as NSFW.
-There is mature content on this site. Don't be soft.
-It's your responsibility who you follow, mute, and block, and to that extent, the content you see.

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