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anti.energy - Portaldon(Mastodon Portal)





Home to 86 users
Who authored 4,760 statuses
Connected to 975 other instances

This instance tracks https://github.com/d3vgru/mastodon which is a dev fork of Mastodon so it might not be like totally stable or anything.

I am fairly anti-instance-block. I reserve the right but I'd really rather let users make their own sense of it.

This particular instance should be considered experimental. I am currently tracking Mastodon releases but reserve the right to apply my own changes to the code and deploy them at any time. An example would be if an instance were making undue demands on resources and I found a way to throttle them without blocking.

I want to replace the backend with a pure node API I am writing, then replace the web UI with something a little more my style. ReactJS? I dunno we'll see what's cool in 6 months. VueJS and Quasar. Trying to figure out the best way to let users still load the Mastodon UI if they like it.

If I can get the new UI working, I'd like to add P2P capabilities so these networks can run more like torrent sharing and less like downloading from a server.

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