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bapp.me - Portaldon(Mastodon Portal)




Welcome! Feel free to make an account and use this instance. I promise to keep it running if any users show up, at most I will close registration in the unlikely event that it gets too big for me to financially support.

Home to 128 users
Who authored 201 statuses
Connected to 489 other instances

Registration is open unless it becomes a problem.

Running on a 2CPU/2GB RAM droplet for now, will increase it if necessary (probably not past 50€/month or so but I might consider cheap colo hosting instead if it comes to that).

  • No content promoting racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia or nazis allowed (and if your content skirts these categories then think twice before posting).
  • I prefer restorative justice where possible but offending content will be removed, and continued toxicity results in a ban.
Still pretty new to this whole thing and I set everything up manually instead of using a docker image as a learning experience so some things might be broken.

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