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computerfairi.es - Portaldon(Mastodon Portal)




Computer Fairies is a Mastodon instance that aims to be as queer, friendly and furry as possible. We welcome all kinds of computer fairies!
Mascot art by @blackle

Home to 184 users
Who authored 22,882 statuses
Connected to 895 other instances


  • We (the admins) will not tolerate any sort of discrimination
  • Basically, don't be a jerk and you'll be ok
  • We reserve the right to remove anyone from this instance for being a jerk at our discretion, after fair warning depending on the case.

Blocked Instances

All blocked instances have media blocks regardless of block type.

The following GNU Social instances are blocked due to a majority of them openly harrassing people, associations with 4chan, and incompatibilities with Mastodon's post privacy settings.

Last updated 20/08/2017

Domain Block Reason
social.heldscal.la Suspend GNU Social instance, harrassment
sealion.club Suspend GNU Social instance
gs.kawa-kun.com Suspend GNU Social instance
pawoo.net Silence Lolicon
anitwitter.com, anitwitter.moe Silence Lolicon
rainbowdash.net Suspend GNU Social instance, harrassment
freezepeach.xyz Suspend GNU Social instance, harrassment
woofer.alfter.us Suspend GNU Social instance, harrassment under guise of "free speech"
social.au2pb.net Suspend GNU Social instance
gorf.club Suspend GNU Social instance
gs.smuglo.li Suspend GNU Social instance, lolicon
unsafe.space Suspend GNU Social instance, harrassment
wrongthink.net Suspend Harrassment under the guise of "free speech"
noagendasocial.com Suspend Harrassment under the guise of "free speech"
maly.io Silence Harrassment under the guise of "free speech" (suspected)
ediot.social Suspend Harrassment, Encyclopedia Dramatica
memetastic.space Suspend Harrassment
shitposter.club Suspend GNU Social instance, harrassment
social.tchncs.de Suspend Admin's complacency with harrassment
gs.archae.me Suspend GNU Social instance, boosts from shitposter.club and freezepeach.xyz
social.nofftopia.com Suspend Offensive behaviour from instance admin
sdfn-01.ninjawedding.org Suspend CSS injection abuse
now.kibousoft.co.jp Suspend CSS injection abuse
ika.moe Suspend Requested by ika.moe's admin
social.targaryen.house Suspend Harboring hate speech
mastodon.starrevolution.org Suspend Harassment personally directed at computerfairi.es admin
sunshinegardens.org Suspend Harassment, associations with social.heldsca.la and shitposter.club
pleroma.soykaf.com Suspend Anti-SJW, 4chan mannerisms

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