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ediot.social - Portaldon(Mastodon Portal)




Encyclopædia Dramatica is the greatest haven of free expression in the world... and we aren't content with a single site anymore.

So here is our one and only Mastodon Instance. Here we accept everyone! No Limits, No Domain Blocks, No Bullshit.

This Instance is a place for everyone to share and discuss dank memes, awful jokes and pointless internet drama. We aim to bring together the shittiest communities of Twitter and beyond to form one website filled with the latest trends, memes and again, pointless internet drama.

Please ensure you check your spam folder for the confirmation email when signing up, it commonly gets stuck in there.

Home to 24 users
Who authored 254 statuses
Connected to 345 other instances

Encyclopædia Dramatica Wiki

ED: Thizzlehat Junction Center

Encyclopædia Dramatica Forums

EDF2: Electric Boogaloo


Encyclopædia Dramatica general inquiries: contact@edrama.co

Mastodon Social Instance Maintainers: bane@edrama.co & vx@edrama.co

Note: Not everyone with an Encyclopædia Dramatica affiliated email address is an official ED representative. Email an above address to make sure the person who you're communicating with officially represents ED.

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