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googoldon.net - Portaldon(Mastodon Portal)




This site is twitter-like SNS for Googology. Any languages will do. Any type of discussions, ideas, questions, monologue will do.

Mathjax is available in your post. Please see here: How to use mathjax in Googoldon

The registration is easy, you will receive confirmation email which is sent by server automatically. You can access this blog after clicking the link in the confirmation email.

The rules to post your articles in this site are here: Rules


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Who authored 1,417 statuses
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To use mathjax, the notation such as $f_{\omega}(n)$ is avilable for inline.





F_5(x) & := & ((..((m(x)m(x-1))m(x-2))...m(2))m(1))(x) \\
F_5(x) & \approx & f_{\varepsilon_0}(x)

are available for a new line.

The rules to post your articles in this site is as below. What is acceptable or prohibited are individually judged even if rules as below might be not 'well-defined':

  • The articles which do not meet Japanese law are prohibited and should be deleted because this site is invested on the server in Japan.
  • Advertisements and bots (programmed post) are acceptable, but the persistently recurrent advertisements and persistently recurrent posts by a bot are prohibited.

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