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mastodon.fun - Portaldon(Mastodon Portal)




A new instance of mastodon using a new gTLD domain ! Sign up !

Home to 1,511 users
Who authored 9,412 statuses
Connected to 1,319 other instances

Welcome to mastodon.fun !

I'm @Aguay a french Sysadmin which is also a tech enthusiast.

I'm not running my blog (yet ?) but i love to see what people are able to create to try it later.

This instance was create to be a part of this wonderful project.

If you have any issue to sign up don't hesitate to contact me by mail

My tech army will help you ASAP

Rules :

  • Don't flood
  • Use NSFW tags for NSFW content
  • Use content warning for spoilers
  • Respect each other
  • Of course have fun. Don't we use a .fun gTLD?

free to report users or contents that don't belong here.

Where is this hosted ?

For now, the instance is running on a VC1L Scaleway server running docker.
The VM itself is hosted in France.


I have a job i earn my own money, but the server will be more reliable depending of donations.

For the moment this is just a good way to test the load of the server.

Feel free to donate if you like what i have done.

This give me a way to improve the hosting.


To be on this list, you need to support me on my Patreon page or Paypal :)

Thanks for joining :) and do not hesitate to Toot me @Aguay



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