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mastodon.land - Portaldon(Mastodon Portal)




Free Mastodon instance open to all users.

Create an account here give you an opportunity to interact with mastodon users across all other instances.

Home to 1,645 users
Who authored 11,376 statuses
Connected to 1,229 other instances


We believe in free softwares and we plan to maintain our instance on the long term.

There are no restrictions of content on this instance, however, to keep it pleasant to everyone here are a few rules, which will be completed over time.

Any user not respecting these rules may get suspended.

Also remember you have the ability to report users if they don't respect these rules.

  • Racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. messages are prohibited
  • Parodic accounts are accepted but must mention they are parodic in their description

Servers location : France




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