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scotland.computer - Portaldon(Mastodon Portal)




An instance of the Mastodon social network for the tech/startup scene in Scotland.

The goal is to gather all the web/tech people in one place to make for an interesting local timeline.

You don't need to actually be Scottish or in Scotland! Friends, the curious, and all of good will are welcome!

Home to 33 users
Who authored 116 statuses
Connected to 199 other instances

This is an open instance of the Mastodon social network, aimed at gathering the Scottish web/tech/startup scene in one local timeline.

You don't need to be Scottish or in Scotland to be welcome here! If you're interested in the tech scene, or friends with people here, you're more than welcome!

Code of Conduct

This will be fleshed out in more detail at a later date, but the summary is:

  • Show respect for people's personal space. If they don't want you in their mentions, leave.
  • Do not use this platform to harass, stalk, troll, spam, or otherwise be a dick.
  • No nazis.

If you are experiencing harassment or spamming, please report the offending account and I'll investigate. If you feel at risk or otherwise want to contact the admin directly, I can be reached at john@scotland.computer.

The mgmt reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, except as prohibited by law.

Public timeline